For simplicity, we assume that our universe has one extra dimension

2015-07-14 11.03.03

Travel the world and you shall find stories, adventures and laugh your ass off. Aaand you shall maybe lose your luggage over and over again. And British Airways shall need three days to get it back to you, and then SAS shall lose it and keep it for convenience or future reference or whatever. Let’s not dwell with lost luggage, let’s buy new stash and then get going.


Let’s bike around on an island and think about

Screenshot from 2015-07-25 12:59:12

about what particles do in a vacuum.

Or, wait. What the vacuum does. Because what it does is not just sit around there being all bored. No, sir. When the vacuum is left to do what it wants, it creates particles.  It goes “I want an electron”, and before you know it, there’s an electron and a positron propagating around before annihilating and pretending nothing ever happened.

And then there’s a light house.


and I go… Why did you make a light house?

and the universe goes… Because. That’s for you to figure out.

So then I go to the beach and walk in the water and think


Why does the universe do what it does?

Is it conceptually possible for us to understand why and how and what the universe does?

I mean, of course I am too stupid ignorant to understand everything that’s going on – maybe we all are – but is it in principle possible to understand the universe, or does nature have such a desire to keep intriguing us that she’s never going to let us relax?


You know, gravity bends space and time. When objects move around, they move along the shortest possible path – the geodesic. It’s like a straight line, only it isn’t.

If there were singlets under gravity, would they move along actual straight lines?

And, furthermore, don’t we have bigger problems than this? Pay the bills, raise kids and donate to charity? Get engaged in politics, help the poor and find sustainable energy sources?


But maybe the universe is the only eternal thing, and the highest virtue is to understand it, and our petty problems pale in comparison

Allow me to compensate for the sweaty selfie with the following one


and apologize for not having a selfie stick, which is perhaps the new accessory that best describes the mentality of our society.

And then share the most captivating  poem I know

Yo no sabía que
no tenerte podía ser dulce como
nombrarte para que vengas aunque
no vengas y no haya sino
tu ausencia tan
dura como el golpe que
me di en la cara pensando en vos


The way is not in the sky

The way is in the heart

And Spanish is so beautiful a language.


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