The story of humans is the story of ideas

that shine light into dark corners

The stone age didn’t come to and end because they were out of stones. How about the petroleum age?

Science is more than a body of knowledge
It's a way of thinking
A way of skeptically interrogating the universe
Carl Sagan

Do you know what an isotope is? Isotopes are variations of elements. For instance, helium has two protons and two neutrons in the core, and two electrons orbiting it.

there ya go.

So, if you add extra protons, you’ll make a new element. For instance, three protons and three neutrons is a lithium core.  However, if you add only extra neutrons, you get an isotope. So you can take good ol’ helium, add or remove neutrons, and end up with helium isotopes

The helium isotope with two protons and one neutron in the core is called Helion. It’s very rare on earth, since it’s blocked by the atmosphere and thus never reaches us, but it’s quite abundant on the moon.

And here’s the bummer: helion can be used in fusion to create great amounts of energy without any radioactive residuals.
There are several reactions that can take place, and one of them is

Helion + Helion -> Helium + 2 protons

This reaction releases vast amounts of energy, since the binding energy holding the two helions together is bigger than the energy required to hold the single resulting helium atom together. Also, the “waste” left behind after this reaction are two protons. Halleluja; protons aren’t radio active!

So by getting this stuff from the moon and doing fusion (either here on earth or out in space), we can produce (relatively clean) energy.

Unrelated: A good BBC article recommended to me by a fellow scientist, who is also a christian (I still don’t understand how people can be both. but that’s probably just due to my lack of insight): Big Bang: Is there room for God?

Science is opening your eyes
To the wonderfulness of what's there
Science is opening your eyes
To the poetry of the expanding universe

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