I love you baby, every

now and again.

I often hear people complaining about their looks. How often do we hear people complain about their personality?

Personally, I think it is our moral duty to evolve intellectually.

I really enjoyed Roadside Picnic, and though it is a little bit of a tough read, it’s absolutely worth it.

If you don’t trust me, you can read a complete review here to check whether the novel is worth your precious time.

So yes, it’s a philosophical science fiction novel. If don’t usually read philosophical texts, it might be a little hard to (recognize and) appreciate the philosophy amongst all the fiction,  so why don’t you start off by reading the Veil of Ignorance, for instance.

I promise, it’s very worth it to spend a few moments a day to reflect and open one’s mind. Just be careful not to open it so much that your brain falls out.

We only die once.


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