eat walk eat

though the science predicts grayness

and it all begins rather grey

there’s always a chance it’ll lighten up :)) as long as you stay all COZYYY


You know, we’re very lucky to live in a country where you can cross both county and climate borders by foot, and experience several different kinds of weather in just one day!


So yeah, I’ve (again) spent the weekend freezing my ass off

since I’m not all furry

but that’s okay. The trick is, as we should all know, eating enough. Seriously, right and enough nutrition is so damn important!!! no fuel => no action. No proteins => no muscles. No carbs => no energy. No fat => no omega 3 and hence no immune system.

I was back home on Sunday evening, and have spent all day (Monday) on a petrophysics course, which will last all week. The course is held at a hotel in Bergen, which is actually known for the good food they serve. Guess what happened during lunch? I had to ask for an extra portion, and then skip desert in order to have time to go to a grocery store and buy boiled eggs, mackerel and cottage cheese, because my body is still all HYPERMETABOLIC after hooours and hours of cold walking, carrying and heating.

ah, it makes me feel so… alive. This is definitely better than urbanz.

what are your preferred I-feel-so-alive-activities?


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