Everything happens for a reason

and sometimes, the reason is that you made a bad decision.

I read somewhere, sometime that when we’re old and dying we regard our twenties as the middle of our lives. This is because we see almost exclusively new things when we’re kids, and the older we get, the less curious, brave and exploring we become. That means that we gather less experience and do fewer new things the older we get, and time passes by more and more unnoticed.

So yeah, sometimes I think it is good to give oneself that sorely needed kick in the back to just get the f going and try something new, though it might not seem too motivating/doable/apt at the time. Do new stuff, meet new people, and make some mistakes. Those are the things we remember in the end.

Some days, nights (or just moments) are unique, mostly because we make them so.

I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.
Abraham Lincoln


2 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason

  1. Hei Inga! I dont even know how I found this! Clicked on a link on a fitness blog(Yeah, I read fitness blogs) and there you were. Hope you dont mind. But then it is the internet. This should be fun reading!!

    • Hei Mary! What a pleasant surprise! Hehe, I also read fitness blogs, but only in the weekends, and not if somebody’s watching… 😉
      I hope you are all very well, and please say hello to Arne from me and THANK him for giving me the book that changed my life. 🙂

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