Es Glop

I LOVE this café.

I’ve always come here to check my emails etc, so the owner and I go way back. This small island of Formentera is kind of like a small town, where everybody knows everything about what everyone is up to, though may not  always be true… And since there is in general almost no drama in my life (just causality and that sort of boring stuff), I do like to listen to the local gossip ^^

But still, what I love most about the Es Glop (which means “The Gulp”, or “The Swig” in English), is that you can leave books here, and take some with you, whatever you fancy. Ihave even left both math and physics books here, which have disappeared in no-time.

right now, somebody out there is learning about Gödel’s Theorem, through a book I bought at the NTNU. How awesome is that? 😀

Today I came here just to send some emails to friends, and BOOF – Jaime (the owner) showed me a new load of books which had just arrived.

he also asked me if I’d had breakfast, and since I hadn’t had second breakfast yet, I said no. So now, two hours later I am still digesting a (hold on to your stomach) warm croissant with Nutella, as well as three old books at a time.

Sugar and sugar for breakfast… this is going to be an entertaining day :S

you  try eating a hot, chocolate covered croissant and touching white book pages at the same time. It’s anything but easy.

Well then, just wanted to share my decadent morning with you. have a literate day!



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