On being,

You know, if you read on the back of body peeling products, the main ingredients are water and sea salt.

If you buy a CD of “relaxing sounds”, “nature noises” or “spa tunes”, it will be mostly water making different noises.

Ergo you might as well just skinny dip, save yourself the money and trouble, and contribute to the landskape.

Regarding this being and all.. wow, I’m going to be absolutely anything but deep in the following.

Why is it that one of the most central, most used and probably oldest verbs, is irregular in so many languages? (every language I know, in fact)
In english we have to be, which becomes

I am
you are
he / she is

and so on. And (just because I get off from it) check out the German one: Zu sein

Ich bin
Du bist
Er / sie ist

Even the Norwegian verb Å være changes completely in the conjugations!

Jeg er
Du er
Han / hun er

yeees, yes, they are all the same ol’ “er“, but that’s because Norwegian is the simplest language ever to have been grumped on this planet. Still, the infinitive form of the verb differs.

As everything else, the story is longer in the Spanish language. Here, they have no less than two verbs which express being. One verb describes a condition, whilst the other describes a property.

Estar describes the condition (I am in Spain, I am hungry, I am bored) and behaves as follows:

Yo estoy
Tu estás
El / ella está

while ser describes a property (I am a girl, I am old, I am boring);

Yo soy
Tu eres
El / ella es.

And yes, this wonderful word of being behaves strangely in Italian, Africaans, French (être) as well!

Je suis
Tu es
Il / elle est.

If I had more internet available here, I would probably try to check out how this works in more “remote” languages (to me), like for instance Russian, or even Mandarin or Indi.

Well then, have fun being, however irregular.


5 thoughts on “On being,

  1. Hey, skinny dipping IS on my list of “future life adventures” (bucket list just sounds so depressing). 😉

    I do like your point that the verb “to be” is almost always irregular. An interesting linguistic insight.

    • ooh, a to-do-in-life-list, how exciting! 😀 What’s on top of the list?;)
      Yes, skinny dipping really is something everyone should try, but i recommend you do it somewhere it is considered “normal”, so you don’t end up being the weirdo. For instance you could do it on a lonely island in the Mediterranean sea;) I’ve gone naked to the beach here (in Formentera) all my life, and I do NOT have a very hippie attitude in general. cheers!

  2. Mandarin: The verb “to be”: 是 (“shi”, fourth tone).
    我是 (“wo shi”, third tone, fourth tone) I am
    你是 (“ni shi”, third tone, fourth tone) You are
    他/她 是 (“Ta/Ta shi”, first tone, fourth tone) He/she is

    Learning Chinese is complicated for westerners, but luckily the conjugation of verbs is very easy. As you can see the verb “to be” is no different when used with I, you, he/she. The verb itself even remains the same in the past and present tenses.

    An extra detail: There is no difference in the pronunciation of “he” and “she” in Mandarin. But if you look at the characters, there is a slight difference: The left radical in the “he” character is “person”, and the left radical ind “she” is “female”.

    Just wanted to add Mandarin to your list, since you mentioned it 😉

    • ooh, gracias gracias! 😀 so you understand a bit of mandarin, even spoken? That is A-WE-SO-ME!
      by the way, when I first read your commentary I was sure it was spam.. some Chinese penis enlargement:p

      • Well, I know barely enough for basic survival, like asking for water, and specifying what animals I like (and would prefer not to have) in my food. My rather optimistic goal is to one day be a proficient speaker :p

        I’m currently not in the business of spreading Chinese penis enlargement ads.. lol :p

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