Il linguaggio successivo è…


As we all know, learning a new language is by far the best way of exercising the brain (yes, even better than doing physics. Who’d a thunk it?). I have planned (as in: really wish I could get the f** started) to learn french for a long time now, and have even read TWO (2!) whole chapters of a French book. Though, due to lack of external stimuli, it has been a slow and thus far fruitless undertaking.

Anyways, lucky for me I have made an Italian acquaintance who prefers having breakfast together, rather than dinner, because it is, I cite, “more aristocratic”, and has nothing against spending a loong morning teaching me tutto quello che deve sapere.

by the way, I have sworn on all that is holy that I will watch La vita é bella, so I suggest you do the same thing! 🙂

Change of topic!


let the rambling begin.

When we’re unhappy, I think that the only thing keeping us from becoming happy, is that we do not really dare to discover the cause of our unhappiness. Sometimes insight can be painful, but only when we know the problem can we find a solution.
Maybe, when we’re infants, we’re somehow programmed not to feel need for something we cannot get.

What bothers us about others, bothers us three times as much about ourselves. (Just note how many fingers are pointing towards yourself when you point one at somebody else.)

There are no mirrors for personality. We can never “see” or experience ourselves from the outside. The only way we can do so is through what we project on others.
I believe that loving someone implies seeing this projection clearer than ever. That’s why it’s hard to work on relationships; it’s all about working on ourselves. (not that I would have any kind of experience on this)

Goodie, enough ramble for today. I’ll (again) leave a picture describing my new favourite way of starting the day: Munching, reading, thinking… You can never think too much

The unexamined life is not worth living


but of course you can over-analyze. Don’t do that.


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