Que Nadie Duerma!

Reason for sudden inspiration: Turandot by Giacomo Puccini, Olavshallen Sunday 18th of march

Nobody sleeps, though they can’t help nor change the situation the slightest.
They stay awake to see  if love wins after all, or perhaps just  whether they have to die or not.

Love. What is love? Is it a concept, a feeling, a state of mind or just something we’ve invented?

In Turandot love is, in my opinion, more of a word and an incredibly effective plot device. Yes, people die for it willingly, but still it doesn’t seem to bring much happiness nor fulfillment into any of their lives. [furthermore, I did not approve of the way Puccini’s student chose to end the opera. It seems unfitting and, in lack of a better word, American].

Aanyways, what really touched be about the play was (besides Nessun Dorma of course. Blind me.), the way Puccini is able to display both the despair and the consequences to be drawn out of trying to make love, and another person into more than any of them are. No; “more” is not the right word. “Something else” is more fitting.


Ah, nok en grunn til å mislike religioner! Gud er intet mer enn et konsept, et bilde. Kan man se det guddommelige i hvert menneske? Ja, jeg kan ikke tro noe annet, hvis vi alle er skapt av Gud osv.

Hvis denne guddommeligheten vi ser i andre kun er et bilde (i mangel på et bedre ord), og det er det aller beste vi kan ønske å se i et menneske, er vi DØMT til evig misforståelse og underprestering.


Everyone defines and feels love completely differently, which is why I think that it can’t be any profound, objective, everlasting truth existing independently in the universe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and love is in the heart of the feeler, or what will you.

We often create for ourselves an image of a person and fall in love with this image without understanding that this person absolutely differs  from our image. [Raimondas Banionis har skjønt hvordan hytta skal spikres]

Some say you should not create an image of a person because this person can never live up to said image, but I think more along the lines of an image can never be representative, and probably neither as complex, as any person.  Hooray, ego-centrism 🙂

Da igual si estes religioso o no, Dios ha dicho que

Du sollst dir kein Gottesbildnis machen

pues obedece!

It’s time to get over the “I don’t care what you think, as long as it’s about me”-stage (though it’s a great workout-song).


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