Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

I’m sitting here, on this tiny dot in space which we call planet Earth. Though I will not live for more than a tiny fraction of the universe’s lifetime, will never be able to go to another galaxy or affect anything off this planet, I don’t feel all that intimidated.

Of course, I am in awe and feel humble when thinking about the vastness of space and the fortitude of what’s going on out there, but not in a downcast manner. With the tiny brain I have, I am able to visualize anything I want.

Inside my head, I can create a simulation of whatever I want to see, so I can actually close my eyes and go to the Andromeda galaxy.

The fact that we have atoms heavier than iron in our solar system, is definite proof of that our sun has lived and died before. This is because you need a supernova explosion in order to make heavier elements, meaning that YOU come from the explosion of a dying star, on it’s way to rebirth. It is also quite probable that the molecules is your right hand stem from another star than the ones in your left.

we are so damn connected to the cosmos. Not in the shallow, random way astrology promises, but in a profound way. I am just an intermediate state of STAR STUFF! 😀

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